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25th July 2003

A whole slew of drawings, seeing as I haven't updated for like 4-5 months :)

5th March 2003

Loads of personality test things on the main page now, also check out my little crazy sonic to the left, inne cute?

27th February 2003

Two new CG Piccies. Go me.

9th February 2003

Updated the links as such, and made a new entry image on the index page.

31st January 2003

Two updates? Am I mad? Added some new artwork :-)

31st January 2003

I altered the front page slightly, also the commissions section is gone because I'm simply not getting anyone commissioning me! although if you're a friend of mine who's commissioned me I am still progressing with your stuff. Gonna be re-structuring the place a bit.

24th January 2003

FEEAR ME FOR I AM PRIME! (LOL!) I had a shot at a mecha personality test, messed around for a bit on it, then I tried answering truthfully... I got Prime-chan ~Hugs her big red robot-lorry guy~

9th January 2003

Heya, another update for you lot, this time it's a DECENT CG with a background to it...shocking isn't it? ( OOOOO!)

 29th December 2002

I'm back, got some new stuff for your little eyes to see. Will upload stuff as the day progresses, other then that I'm bloody tired out after that travelling.

20th December 2002

Hello again. I be off to the french alps for the next week over christmas. So no new stuff other than the little tid-bit on the main page from an anime quiz I took . Will have some new stuff soon..