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Niko Geyer's Online portfolio :-

A really nice guy and has some excellent artwork, also home to his manga project Fantasy Realms and his loveable mascot Ledin

Ayame's "BakaNeko" :-
A very nice site (it's purple! my favourite colour) and a pretty large one to with some excellent art
Daydreamer :- 
Art so good my jaw nearly fell off
The Katt's Paw :-
My Pen-friend's site, very nice art and lots of stuff to do if your bored
Katch :- 
Amazing airbrush effects abound!
Team Artail :- 
A very big collection of Sonic/Furry artwork
Ninja Monkey :-
Follow the adventures of Ninja monkey and check out some very nice art
How To Draw Manga :-
official site of the book series of the same name. 
The Shrine of Wierdness :-
A site dedicated to weirdness, very funny stuff!
COMICAL Highway :-
A Japanese site with loads of short manga comics about Sonic the hedgehog and nights!
Neopets :- 
A big virtual pets site where you can play games do battle or chill out with friends.
Go here now!
Kurobei and Dochu :-
My friend Christopher's site