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CG Art Pen Art Pencil Art Tone Style Junk/Doodles

CG Artwork

Sonic Fanart of Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow is property of SegaA big bear-thingy.An unfinished drawing of a dragonBig red Turtle, nuff said.Gigi the Bat as Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is property of Hasbro.

Orange the Echidna from TMS! Orange is property of Psyguy.A dragon thing.An exotic Dragon, mainly an experiment in CG work.My favourite Smash bros fighter SHEIK! Sheik is property of NintendoSheik again! Sheik is property of Nintendo.

A warped Gryphon, this got featured in the HTDM Complete GallerySome alein creatureIt's a big alein monster/thing.The result of a bad night's sleep, a teddy-tree creature. :PThe Fiend King! one of my characters that's gonna be in my comic.

Tiger girl, I was playing around with blending effects for this one.A collaboration image, sketch by Kurobei, CG'd by me!Baudrozz, a big monster that's gonna be in a comic that I'm planning out right now.A Big Green Monster, nuff said.Super Sonic and Amy of Sonic the Hedgehog

An abscract representation of Beauty and the beast.The New club top picture at the Yahoo! Goemon ClubSheik, looking sketched.Myself and my mascot, GiGi the bat.A comission from my Friend Takuro . Fear her Book of Yaoi!! (O.o)


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